Where Can I Find Funding for Assistive Technology?

A tremendous variety of assistive technology (AT) is now available to enable people with disabilities to live independently, to achieve higher levels of education, to participate in activities of the workplace, and to engage in hobbies and recreational activities.

The goals for the technology will often determine the selection of equipment and prioritizing of potential funding sources. It is useful to begin collecting information on all potential sources as early as possible. Generally speaking, funding sources can be organized according to their criteria, which may include:

The individuals® purpose for using the assistive technology for example,

  • vocational
  • educational
  • communication
  • employment accommodation
  • medical care
  • independent living

A range of public, private and non-profit organizations assists people seeking funding to purchase assistive technology. While most of these organizations do not offer financial assistance themselves, they can provide information on available funding sources as well as strategies for applying to receive funding. Some of these organizations are national in scope, while others serve a specific state or region. Companies that sell assistive technology offer an excellent source of funding information. Often such companies produce guides and/or have funding specialists on staff.

The following resources have comprehensive guides to funding assistive technology.